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Our team of experts, architects, civil engineers, contractors and technicians, take care every detail, from the frame to the last touch. Click to explore our projects and properties portfolio.

Steel Frame Homes

Perfection and safety!
We pay attention to every detail thus assuring the practicality, harmony and functionality of your New Steel Frame Home.

Timber Frame Homes

Perfection and safety!
Classic yet secured and stylish. Only the highest standards are used thus we build our projects with the best and strongest materials in the market  and we deliver the best and strongest result possible and to your satisfaction.

Concrete Homes

Perfection and safety!
Concrete homes have high strength, are durable and are stable. Concrete provides the best fire resistance of any building material. We use high quality thermal materials for wall building which offer excellent heat and sound insulation.

Pre-fabricated Homes

We are currently preparing our own designs with top visualizers in the market. Coming soon.


Property Box undertakes to manage your Renovation, Restoration or Reconstruction project for your home, multi-floor building or shop.
Are you ready for some changes?

 Real Estate

Adjacent to our construction activities our  company, Property One Real Estate Ltd, can assist you to sell or rent any of your properties. If you cannot wait to build your home, then we can offer you an array of modern homes for you to choose from!

 Planning & Consulting

Our team of experts, designers, visualizers,
architects, civil engineers, contractors and
technicians, take care of every important detail
for your home, from the ground slab to the last
touch that will make you feel at home!

By Property Box

We always make a promise. To design properties so that everyone can find their ideal home. Check our development projects for more information.

Cost Calculator
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Financial expenses are important during the process of building your own house. Here you can calculate the cost of your home according to your needs.

Restorations & Reconstructions

Property Box Development Projects


Eco Friendly Construction

We care about our environment so we use a lot of eco friendly construction materials. 


High Level Technology Renovations

Weather conditions change rapidly as well as technology. Our company uses the latest technology repairing tools and materials.


High Standard Construction Management

Management is a key element. We value our clients’ needs and wants and we plan ahead.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

From the architectural plans and structural design to the construction license! Trust the creation of your personal space in the hands of the experts. Our team will help you design ‘pb.home’ with contemporary and thorough solutions. Having the floor plan and views of your personal space in advance, will help you visualize your home and make the best choices. 

At the completion of the project, you will realize that the floor plan and views have no differences to the final result and you will finally see your choices take form!

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Our Partners

What our clients say about us: 

 “One of the best construction company in Cyprus. Great work and great designs.”

-Vasilis Skitsas

“Αξιόπιστη εταιρεία. Εμπιστοσύνη, εξυπηρέτηση και πάνω από όλα ανθρωπιά”

-Irene Charalambous

Άριστη ποιότητα κατασκευών και πλήρης επαγγελματισμός σε όλα τα επίπεδα.

-Marios Christodoulou

Property Box News


-New projects on the way!

We are happy to inform you that there are new upcoming projects from Property Box.

House construction for our customers, Property Box Developments and Property Box Renovations.

Stay tuned!

- Our Property One Real Estate website is now live. Enjoy the experience, Enjoy the support from our experienced property consultants.

About Us

Property Box Construction Ltd is a leading builder in quality steel, timber and concrete homes. Over the years the company has grown into an exceptionally strong, very reliable and prominent construction and building renovation, restoration & reconstruction firm.

Property Box’s background in new home construction, customer service and home renovation give a depth of experience that is both professional and creative as well as having that extra personal touch with our customers. Our Team works closely with each customer to help them make wise decisions during all the stages of the design, development and final construction.

Our motto is dedication to every client, and this alone reflects as a plus in the mission of Property Box Constructions Ltd. We believe that building a home begins with a close personal collaboration focusing mainly to customer service before, during and after construction. We strive to exceed customer expectations in every aspect of the building process. Tailored to fit each client with a unique design, Property Box promises an exciting journey to your dream home.

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