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Steel Frame Homes

Why Choose a Steel Frame  House from us…



Robust Construction

Anti-Seismic Construction

Fire-Resistant Construction

Construction is finished within months not years

Heating and cooling costs minimised

Exceptional Sound Insulation

Ergonomic Interior Design

Humidity Resistant

Energy Saving

Constructed and produced according to the latest European Standards

Freedom of choice in designs and finishes

More value for money

Wide range of exterior cladding and decorative materials, to suit every taste

steel frames houses Cyprus

Step 1- Earthworks

steel frames houses Cyprus

Step 2 - Base slab

steel frames houses Cyprus

Step 3 - Light Gauge Steel Frame

steel frames houses Cyprus

Step 4 - OSB cladding

steel frames houses Cyprus

Step 5 - Fiber Glass Gypsum Boards

steel frames houses Cyprus

Step 6 - Polystyrene or Multiport Shell

steel frames houses Cyprus Property Box

Step 7 - Partitions, electrical & plumbing

steel frames houses Cyprus Property Box

Step 8 - Final Result

Our Materials

Perfection and Safety!

We give emphasis on every detail and invest in the practicality, harmony and functionality of a Property Box Home. The benefits of the Steel construction will make you feel comfortable and secured in your own space. We use high quality materials for strong wall building which offer excellent heat and sound insulation as well as security. Your choice of one of the three different wall building specification will become the external decoration of your home:

01. fiber glass gypsum board + multiport thermal breaker + thermal plaster + paint
02. clay bricks + three layers of thermal plaster + paint
03. fiber glass gypsum board + multiport + thermal plaster + Australian type bricks
04. fiber glass gypsum board + multiport + thermal plaster + other materials

The aluminum window frames and shutters, the plumping and electrical installations, all the wooden work, the kitchen, floorings, sanitary ware fittings and fixtures, even the painting are all under our close supervision so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Property Box News


-New projects on the way!

We are happy to inform you that there are new upcoming projects from Property Box.

House construction for our customers, Property Box Developments and Property Box Renovations.

Stay tuned!

- Our Property One Real Estate website is now live. Enjoy the experience, Enjoy the support from our experienced property consultants.

About Us

Property Box Construction Ltd is a leading builder in quality steel, timber and concrete homes. Over the years the company has grown into an exceptionally strong, very reliable and prominent construction and building renovation, restoration & reconstruction firm.

Property Box’s background in new home construction, customer service and home renovation give a depth of experience that is both professional and creative as well as having that extra personal touch with our customers. Our Team works closely with each customer to help them make wise decisions during all the stages of the design, development and final construction.

Our motto is dedication to every client, and this alone reflects as a plus in the mission of Property Box Constructions Ltd. We believe that building a home begins with a close personal collaboration focusing mainly to customer service before, during and after construction. We strive to exceed customer expectations in every aspect of the building process. Tailored to fit each client with a unique design, Property Box promises an exciting journey to your dream home.

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